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4 Problems You May Encounter When Buying Furniture

As a proud new homeowner-to-be, you must be feeling the excitement of getting your new home. Let's just say that you have no major problems with defects in your new home and your renovation works are smooth as a baby's bottom (Fingers Crossed!). The next step is to furnish up your home; a process capable of putting you in a state of turmoil. Why? Because the possibilities of things going wrong are endless! Fret not, for we've put together tips for 4 common problems which you may encounter when furnishing your new home. Good Luck~

1)    The Friendly Salesperson
It always feels good to meet a friendly salesperson who can truly understand your needs. Sometimes you may even feel guilty for not buying from them. However, people are often sweet-talked into buying furniture that are well below their expectations only to regret it afterwards. The tricks the salespersons often use? Throwing in deals and discounts, giving unlimited guarantees, giving you a special "offer" if you deal now, and much more.  

How to avoid the trap of being sweet-talked into buying something that you don't really want or like? Ask to be alone with your family or by yourself. Don't let them pressure you into making a rash decision. Only buy it because you want it, not because of the salesperson! 

2)    Fashionably Late
Being late for a few minutes or hours is understandable. Traffic conditions and weather affect the speed of delivery and no one has control over that. But we're talking about something much worse that will make you want to pull your hair out in frustration. Imagine you calling to check on your delivery status a day before delivery and they told you that your shipment has been delayed. The ETA? 2 - 4 weeks. 

Late deliveries are a common problem. The severity of it depends on how late it is. Want to avoid such incident? Call to check on your order status a few days before the delivery date and check to make sure everything is going smoothly. Don't wait until the last minute or it will be too late! 

3)    Orange Is The New Black
Remember the black sofa you bought? Today, it was delivered, but an orange sofa instead. Nope, your eyes ain't playing tricks on you. No point asking the delivery team regarding this matter because they usually just follow what was written on the delivery order.


This problem ranges from wrong colors to wrong models, you may even get a display set for the price of a new set! Want to avoid such incidents? Always check your receipt before leaving the shop, keep it well until after the delivery. If the shop delivered the wrong item and they refuse to change, you should know who to look for regarding such CASEs. ;) 

4)    The Runaround
They say good communication is the key to solving most problems. However, not all shops exhibit this trait. This may not be a big problem but is certainly a frustrating one. 

When a problem arises, you'd wish to get it solved immediately. But sometimes, that's not what you get; you get the runaround. When this happens, you can expect to make multiple phone calls, blow your top or pray to god. Let's just hope your initial problem will be solved too. The tips? Maintain your cool throughout the ordeal. Shouting and screaming may only worsen the problem.

The Take-Home
These problems sound scary, don't they? And these are just some of the problems faced by homeowners when they shop for furniture. Of course, there are happy endings, too. The key to not being disappointed is to be alert. The furnishing journey is a long and tedious one, considering the fact that you have to compare shop by shop, make a choice, and make sure nothing goes wrong too. Nevertheless, we hope your furnishing journey would be as smooth as silk.

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