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A Unique Experience With Collectif Designs

Shopping with Collectif Designs offers a new and unique way to purchase your solid wood furniture. Why? Because you're not just buying a piece of furniture, you're buying your OWN furniture because every piece is made to order according to your preferences!

1) Choose The Slab Of Wood That You Love <3

Do you know that no two pieces of wood are the same? At Collectif Designs, you get to choose the slab of wood you prefer. A simple process where they get photos of the wood slab from the factory and send it to you. You will then choose the one that you love and they will proceed with it. Some stores practise the stocking of wood slabs which decreases the waiting time but at the cost of limited choices to choose from.

Actual Photos From Factory

2) Types Of Edges & Finishings

When buying solid wood furniture, the best part of it comes from the customization. How many times have you seen a piece of furniture you like, yet wished you could change some aspects of it? There are 4 types of finishings for your solid wood furniture; High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss,Matte finishing, and Unique finishing. 

A High-Gloss finish gives your wood the shiny look that is perfect for the Modern Homes.

Semi-Gloss finishing is similar to High-Gloss but not as reflective/shiny.

Matte finishing is the least reflective of all, just perfect for the Industrial theme!

Collectif Design's newest Unique Finishing which features black edge instead of white.

Like the finishes, there are also 3 types of edges for your solid wood tables and benches; Straight Cut Edge, Live Edge and Man-Made Natural-Looking Edge. Choosing your preferred edge plays a huge part on your solid wood furniture's look. If you're someone who prefers the natural beauty of the wood, then Live Edge is the one for you! However, if you prefer clean lines, you'd probably want to go with the Straight Cut Edge. So, what is Man-Made Natural-Looking Edge?

Man-Made Natural-Looking Edge

Man-Made Natural-Looking Edge is similar to Live Edge. Have you noticed the pale areas by the side of the wood slabs? Those are the outer layers of the tree! Man-Made Natural-Looking Edge helps trim away the pale area yet maintaining the curvy edge for that natural look. This is especially for people who want the furniture to have a natural look but prefer not to have that pale outer layers on the finished products.

Left: Live Edge    Right: Straight Cut Edge

3) Special Requests

After choosing the edges and finishes, you're able to customize it further if you want. Have you seen the River Style Series by Collectif Designs? If you feel creative enough and you have a design in mind, you have the opportunity to choose how the "river" flows and what flows within it! 

Apart from choosing how the river flows, you can also have engravings on your furniture. Surprise your loved ones with a simple yet loving gesture by having your initials carved onto the solid wood furniture. Keep it a secret and surprise him/her when the furniture arrives! 

*Do note that for such special requests, there might be additional charges for it.

The Take-Home

Buying a solid wood furniture that is made to order is truly a unique experience. Since no two pieces of wood are the same, you're definitely getting a one-of-a-kind furniture. Furthermore, you get to customize it the way you want it to be (with Collectif Designs). Solid wood furniture are known to last for many years. They are known for its durability, quality and value for money. Check out some of Collectif Designs' delivered product photos below. Cheers!

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